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Amethyst a True Story

Ok, so I had a very large piece about 12" in diameter deep purple Amethyst I purchased from a friend years ago. It has been in my healing room ever since. Recently while moving my wellness center into its new location my room was packed up for me. A couple of weeks later I unpacked a box in my new room and pulled on a pillow case cover that was used to wrap my Amethyst, when I felt it move my heart dropped because I knew instantly it had broken. Not just once but into 3 very large pieces and several smaller crystals had broke off of it as well as the crumbs I could feel at the bottom as I held it and gazed at it in shock. We I just stood in gratitude as I remembered all the times I would admire looking at it and all the compliments I had received for it. It did not take me long before I know in my heart it's purpose was to be able to reach more people to heal. Just about that time I heard the chime go off as someone walked in the gift shop. I walked out still holding my find and saw one of our customer and her three children. They had stopped in because the saw my car and wanted to see the new space. I showed them my find and said you know what? Since this has broken into several pieces it just means it is supposed to go out to more healers. And I asked the children if I could gift them a piece of it. I explained the healing powers of the Amethyst and that they could use it to heal. The Three of them were thrilled to be able to choose one of the crystals to take home. I told them they could make a wand for healing or just put it in their pocket or in a medicine bag. They were of course more than grateful as there mom was for their gift. I then took the remaining pieces home washed them and set them out in the full moon to recharge. 

Just a few days later while in my new location unpacking yet some more... In walked mom and the three kids. They had drove by, saw I was there, went home and brought back the three stones to show me what they had done. Mom said they were so excited they went home looked up Amethyst and some ways to use it. This is what they brought to show me. My heart runneth over with tears and gratitude for the power of now. Michelle Lally A New You Body Works

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Do on to others as you would have done on to you. You First!


Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

I think about this and use it quite often when teaching my children. or people I work with. I think we are all taught this easy to understand principle right? It makes us feel good to give to others with out expecting anything in return right? Well, lets discuss that part a little. Do we expect when we give? We try not to, or at least most of us try not to expect anything. But what if you do? How can you not be that way? Even just a little thank you or a smile for acknowledgement? You buy someone lunch or a birthday present, or pick up their mail in the office and deliver it to them. Do you get offended or hurt when you don’t get a response or a thank you even? We are taught it is good manners to say thank you. And it is, however should we expect it? And should we feel hurt if we don’t get one. The answer is no, we should not expect or demand a response. 

If we are living in our own truth, living our lives by fulfilling our own needs, not expecting others to do it. Then we will not be hurt if someone does not say thank you. We will just do the giving and walk away content that we were able to do a good deed. If we can all give just to give with out receiving, we would all be content with giving. 

Do on to yourself as you would have others do on to you!

What is the last thing you did for yourself? When did you just do something to please yourself and only you last?


If you are taking care of your own needs fully and to your own satisfaction then you will attract the same to you. We teach people how to treat us by the way we show we are treating ourselves. That is a big lesson that we don’t get taught, or at least most us don’t. 

Do you feel guilty when you get a extra treat for yourself? Or take some time to do your favorite things? Do you remember what that would be? 

How can we expect others to treat us or love us if we are not even doing it to ourselves. 

So go get your balance back, treat yourself to a massage, pedicure, facial, join a yoga class or work out routine, go hiking, walking, paint that picture, make that craft, the list is a long as you want to make it. But first you must learn to do it with out the guilt and just really raise your vibration by doing it with pride.

Because you are Gods child and you deserve it!

And when you do you will lead by example and show people how to love you. 

Making a difference… One Person at a time!
Love yourself..and others will love you!
Know what you want.. and you will find it!
Believe in yourself.. and others will also believe!

Michelle Lally

A New You Body Works