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Bowen Therapy Sessions
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Both Must be used with in 30 days from purchase.
First time Bowen Clients only.

Is a combination of movements, kinesiology, and intention used to reset the structural alignment of the muscle/tendon in relation to reflex response signals. In doing so can help the body return to a homeostasis enviroment.  

Bowen therapy is performed with the clothes on, [loose fitting, or shorts and tee-shirt]. A series of “moves” are made over the muscles in certain locations with the fingers or thumbs. The moves are made in a specific order, in designated places, and in the best direction to obtain maximum results. The moves are very much like plucking a guitar string. Once plucked, the muscles and tendons vibrate from one end to the other, and from outside to inside. Subsequently, the muscle - tendon releases its holding pattern. Additionally, many of the moves are made over many “extraordinary” and “main meridian points”, and along the meridian pathways. A group of moves make up a procedure. Most procedures contain a part “A” and a part “B”. There are “rest periods” between moves, or parts A & B. These rests allow for the release of the primarily tightened muscles, the compensated muscles, the fascia, and the energy released from the entrapped compartments to do their thing. Since many of the “moves” are along the meridian pathways, obstructions which were removed by the “moves” allow for the free flow of Qi, [life force]. Tom Bowen concluded that 80% of the people 80% of the time would improve with these simple procedures. The reset takes place immediately and over the next 3 - 5 days, you will feel your body shift, tingle, crack and adjust. We recommend a series of 3 Bowen/body reset sessions 3 - 5 days apart to start with. Feel Free to contact me with any further questions.

Since I have learned and been practicing this therapy on my existing and new clients. I have seen it literally change many lives. Helping with acute and chronic pain ranging from lower back, sciatica, neck and shoulders, foot and ankle to digestive, headaches, and many other issues. Imagine a calm pond and a stone being thrown into the pond, now the ripples from that stone flowing away from the place of contact. Much like those ripples, Bowen causes the same vibration from each procedure~ Michelle Lally 

Each Session is approx 30-45 minutes

We recommend 3 sessions 1 a week for 3 weeks then perhaps once a month for 3 months.

Bowen prices $35 per session

Bowen package of 3 sessions $90 

Bowsage Therapy 60 min session $65
Combines the Bowen technique with acupressure, active release,
stretching and loosening tight areas before the bowen treatment. 


Here is a link to a short video of a Bowen Session. Please watch and then get yourself on our schedule for your first session. 

Click here to watch

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