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Good morning! 

I received a wonderfully relaxing organic facial from Lea, - and enjoyed it very much.  While the facial mask was drying, she also gave me a 10 minute foot massage which added to the relaxation!!!
 Thanks, Taffy Kilroe 5/28/2014

From Scott 4/11/13 On scale of 1 ~ 10 how would you rate your visit with us. ___10_

In your own words. Please tell us how you hear about us, why you chose us and what was your experience here.

Drove by and saw the signs.
Experience was awesome.
Everyone was very nice and friendly.

Would you refer us to someone you know? YES. Already have to many.


From Betsey 4/9/13

On scale of 1 ~ 10 how would you rate your visit with us. __10!!!  Alacia is a great masseuse!


3/20/13from Kelley  On scale of 1 ~ 10 how would you rate your visit with us. 9         
How was your experience here with Alacia? Great she made me feel so much better.

Would you refer us to someone you know? yes 
Michelle and Lisa,
I wanted to take a moment to tell you what a wonderful job you both do!My husband and our rescue dog had such a great experience at "A New You" in your caring and capable hands. After much encouragement, they came in for him to get a massage and her to get groomed at the same time, (what a great concept!). One might say they both have some "trust issues" :) The loving and calm energy from each of you and the space you have created put them both at ease. And your prices are so reasonable... they will be back for sure!
Thank you for all you do,

I had the pleasure of visiting your center on Sunday. Your staff were very informative, warm and inviting. The atmosphere was calming and inviting. Experienced a demonstration of a couple of things you have to offer, and was very impressed. I would recommend you center to anyone looking for one or all of the things you have to offer. Thank you for the opportunity to share in your grand opening. Ann
Who or what: Michelle Lally---Thai Yoga Massage
When: January 2013
experience: Michelle Lally is extremely professional and performed the Best Thai Yoga Massage I ever had. The Thai Yoga Massage helped my body recover from muscle tensions and stress. I also had a really bad knee problem on my right foot but after just one therapy treatment I felt like my knee was new. I just loved the whole experience (including the oxygen bar) and I plan to come back ASAP! I highly recommend her to my friends and clients. Thank you Michelle!----- Vladimir Mrvelj (Sales Manager) (International Mechanical Services, LLC, Charlotte, NC)



 To all of my clients that have given me the opportunity to make a difference in your life!





Dear Michelle,

Just wanted to thank you for the Bowen tune-up Saturday! It reminded me on my first experience with the Bowen muscle treatment. The response of my body to the Bowen manipulation was so fast.

 I still remember when I walked into your office back in October 2013. I was so stiff and in pain throughout most of my back that your immediate response was, “Let’s get you on a table back here right now”. If you remember, you had to do the treatment with me lying on my side. I was in so much pain and could not get on my back and lying on my stomach was impossible. Knowing now that you recognized the agony I was in, just shows your care for people even when they walk in the door for the first time. Forget the paperwork, let’s get you relief….

I will never forget leaving the building and getting home that evening. I have never had any physical reaction to something like that first Bowen in my entire life. It was short of a miracle. Within a half hour after getting home my entire back muscles started to release. Pain started to diminish and I was the proverbial “New Man” in a matter of an hour! I am still amazed at the effect of that first Bowen treatment and how it took me from agony to relief in such a short period of time. Thank you again for taking care of me like you did. I am a believer!!!

Evan Loebs



I am writing in regards to the awesome/life changing experience I have had with Michelle Lally/Lally Massage.  I started seeing her two years ago when I was suffering from panic attacks and severe anxiety.  I had intense tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back from a condition I have (essential tremor).  It was a time in my life where I knew that I had to find alternative ways to treating my body and mind's ailments that weren't just seeing a doctor and having pills prescribed.  I needed to start changing the way I lived and took care of my body.  Michelle's holistic approach to body care was just what I needed.  She took the time to listen to what I was struggling with, and followed her intuition (which was correct!) to help me learn how to change my thinking.  Her massage techniques always leave my body and tension at ease.  She not only helps fix the immediate muscle problems I have, but she teaches how to avoid it in the future.  Stretches, healthy eating, essential oils, and just a positive attitude and different ways of seeing stressful situations are things I have learned from her.  I appreciate the love and care that Michelle puts into her work.  Sincerely, Tanya Borlase



I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for
accommodating my massage appointments. Your healing hands have made me
feel so much better! Most of my days prior to seeing you, I spent in
pain, stressed beyond relief, wishing for a miracle to help me feel

Over the years, my scoliosis has grown progressively worse. Before
receiving your treatments and advisement, I could not manage very good
posture with any consistency because the pain to relax into a good
postured position was too much to even make the effort.

Now I find myself feeling better than I've felt in years. I pay
attention to how I sit, and am able to relax my shoulders in a
"normal" position. Sitting up "straight" is not the debilitating and
painful experience it once was.

I believe I've found my wish in your healing massage.
Thank you,




Hi Michelle,
I received your thank you card in the mail after the massage I received as a gift   I was happy to get your contact information and honestly feel like I should have sent YOU a thank you card! I've been getting massages for 24 years and yours was outstanding. I usually go to a spa in south Charlotte but don't want to go back to them now! I was going to ask if you could come to my house till my yappy dog started barking a bit ago which would not be very relaxing if I was getting a massage here so I decided instead that a better idea is to see how late u work each day and perhaps I can come to you after work or on a Saturday.  I am interested in the same hot stone 1 hour massage I had before.
I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you again.
Danelle Drapievsky


Hi Michelle,


Wanted to let you know, the massage was great. I had 3 Thai massages my last trip to Europe, they did not even come close to what you provided this morning. They tended to be very rough, not taking the time to slowly relax and loosen the joints, before moving on to the more extreme stretching of the muscles and joints. Your knowledge of the body's energy also greatly enhanced the experience. I would highly recommend this to people who need superior flexibility in there activities.


Thank you for a very enjoyable experience!

Ray D. Ferrell





Good morning,
I want to let you know how great I feel and how much more flexible I am since I have been having Thai Yoga Table Massages with you. As you recall, when I had my first massage about three months ago, my joints and muscles were so stiff that I had trouble tying my shoes even when sitting.

This morning a went out to get in my car and found that I couldn’t open the drivers side door because someone had parked to close to my car. I lipped into the passengers side, slipped off my sandals, slid my left leg over the console between the bucket sets and slid over into the driver’s side, started the car and drove off. It would have been impossible for me to do that  three months ago.
You have a beautiful spirit and  wonderful skills.
Thank You!
W. Keith Ward. Ph.D.
Your Business & Personal Success Coach
Mobile: 704-966-0034
Email: keith@wkeithward.com
All you are ... is changing.
-- John Overdurf


I don’t know if you are thinking of have having your first professional massage or like me you have had hundreds of massages. Either way, be prepared for a wonderful relaxing experience.

I have enjoyed deep tissue massage and Thai Yoga Table massages with Michelle. Each time I came away feeling energized, relaxed, much more flexible, and wishing the time hadn’t ended. My shoulders, hips and knees have a greater range of motion and are improving with each massage. Michelle is a highly skilled and intuitive therapist. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

W. Keith Ward, Ph.D.
Success Coach

Mobile: 704-966-0034
Email: keith@wkeithward.com
On the web at: www.wkeithward.com


This is a wonderful friend of mine that I told most of you about already, just wanted to pass this along. She is a awesome lady not to mention a top notch massage therapist and has given me an energy massage before. It was the best massage I have ever had!! Got to go see her !!! 


Love and Eternal Light, Cosmic Dawn




Thank you so much for the massage today - it was amazing and i feel so grounded this evening! I loved the flow of the strokes and i truly felt free to let my mind leave :-) Thank you for the chakra balancing as well - obviously needed.


We will have to do it again :-)






Dream and the way will be clear
Pray and the angels will hear
Leap and the net will appear
Right outta nowhere  You open your heart
And believe in everything You’re going somewhere
And all you need to know
Is that you’re free
to go~
Christine Kane



"I have seen Michelle for massage therapy and chakra balancing and have been very pleased!  I honestly felt like a new person after the chakra balancing.  She also helped my 4-year-old son the day before his surgery.  She did some energy work on him to make sure his body was all prepared for the surgery, and the everything ended up going remarkably well with a quick recovery time.  I am always recommending Michelle to my clients."

Amy Bernstein, LCSW, CH, EFT-ADV
Lakeside Counseling & Hypnotherapy



Hi Michelle,


It was a pleasure meeting you this morning the massage was WONDERFUL!  I will definitely be contacting you to schedule another one.


Best of luck with the Kid's first week back to school.






I have been getting massages for well over 20 years.   A few months ago I tried Michelle Lally and I truly found a therapist I can’t say enough good things about.   She not only offers many techniques and services, she wraps it all up in a caring, warm, and inviting environment called Michelle.  Massage is very personal and when the hands massaging you are alive with good energy and compassion, the experience is truly mind and body.  I recommend Michelle to anyone serious about improving their massage experiences.   

Dave Ferguson

The Growth Coach

 "No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change".

   Dave Ferguson

 President & Senior Coach

The Growth Coach of the Carolinas

Mobile contact#: (704) 907-0171






I had a Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage by Michelle and it was the ultimate relaxing massage.  Her hands put "love" into my muscles. Michelle has a unique technique of creating a massage that is intuitively developed moment by moment to provide both healing the spirit and physical body.  She has supported me through the modality of massage as I heal from shoulder surgery.

 Love, Beth Badour LPT

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