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About Breathwork:
Breathwork is a powerful healing modality that focuses on filling the body with oxygen. As you fill your body with oxygen you also fill it with the awareness of all the places you stored energy and the place you feel energy stuck. The energy is a collection of your unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. Stuck energy is usually the cumulative effect of hurtful relationships and daily tension from unavoidable encounters. Your breath empowers you to move your energy from stuck to freedom, from fear to expansion, from rigidity to vulnerability, from hate to love, from shut-down to expression - the possibilities are endless.
With Breathwork you may... 
o Revive Health, Energy, Spiritual & Emotional Balance
o Open Your Breath
o Effectively Relieve Stress
o Heal Your Body 
o Connect with Your Spirit
o Expand Awareness
o Reclaim Your Well-Being
o Let Go of Limitations 

The connected breath is most easily understood by considering the ebb and flow of ocean waves. The cyclical rhythm of inhale and exhale is the coming and going of the wave. 
Because of stress, most of us have learned poor breathing habits; adversely affecting the diaphragm and instead relying on muscles in the abdomen and chest. These are inefficient methods for breathing, requiring more effort and giving less benefit causing a vicious cycle of poor breathing, creating imbalance in body, mind and spirit. Unlearning these unhealthy breath patterns and relearning to breathe from the diaphragm requires practice. 

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