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Bowen/Body reset really speaks for itself. You just need to experience it in order to understand it.


I am a fifteen year old who experiences joint and hip pains. I have recently started going to Michelle Lally where she used the Bowen Therapy Technique. After the treatments the pain massively decreases and doesn't come back for awhile. I was very pleased with the results of Michelle Lally's Massages. Taylor 



“I have had back and leg issues for years, at one time requiring surgery because cartilage was pressing into my spine.  That helped but I still had leg, back and glut pain constantly.  Finally I found Michelle Lally and has the three session Bowen treatment.  Since then I’ve been able to work in my garden and play with my dog and daughter.  I expect to return for occasional tune-up treatment but I’m pleased to say this has completely eliminated my pain and was infinitely better than surgery!  




"I started coming to you a year ago for my first massage at the age of 79. Since you have been working on my I have felt better and stronger, I had sever Lordosis and was very hunched over. Since you started the Bowen treatment I have noticed a significant change in my hunched back, neck and shoulders. My kids have also noticed the improvement with my posture. Thank you for making me feel so much better.